Introspect is a group show where artists reflect on social and political issues, creating a healthy discourse about a diverse array of issues and providing a new perspective on these topics. Curated by: Eric Michael & Leah Perrino.

Leah Perrino from Asymmetric Magazine designed a book including all of the artist's work from the show. The book features Hermosa Beach, California artists Amy Friedberg, Rafael McMaster, Mike Collins & Paul Roustan. Los Angeles, California artists Eric Michael, Dezmond George Crockett, Annie L Terrazzo, Greg Reitman, Veronica An, Tammie Valer, Jared Velazquez, Edgar Ramirez & Tina Jo. Long Beach, Calif. artists Jill Marriage & Alex Diffin. Miami artists Luna Palazzolo & Ronald Sánchez.

Video edited by: Val Vega

Shot by: Emmanuel Sarriera


“War is peace.
Freedom is Slavery.
Ignorance is Strength.”
George Orwell, 1984

History has shown us that men in power disregard civilian lives to further their own agendas. Look past the propaganda. Peace always comes at a price.

Collaboration project with Tamidesigns

She Is Worth The Truth - Hermosa Beach Artist Collective Exhibit

Video by: A Dose of Soul

Pro Love, Pro Hate - Life's Choice

Video By: Tammie Valer

Boundaries mp4

Video By: Tammie Valer

Day 1

Video By : Tammie Valer

Day 2

Video by: Tammie Valer